Sunday, 27 October 2013

tanya ramsey lemon drizzle cake

for the cake:
225 g butter 
225g caster sugar 
225g SR flour
4 eggs
zest 1 lemon 

for the drizzle: 
1.5 lemon juice
85g caster sugar 
  • heat the oven 160c
  • beat together butter and sugar
  • add 4 eggs 
  • sift in 225g flour 
  • add zest and mix well 
  • put into 8in loaf tin 
  • bake 45-50mins
  • while cake cooling in tin prick and drizzle 
  • leave to cool in tin 


makes 16 

for the cake:
3 large eggs
75g caster sugar
125g SR flour
25g cornflour
25g melted butter

for the icing:
500g icing sugar
75g cocoa
10g butter
120ml milk 
200g dessicated coconut 
  • line 7in square cake tine 
  • heat oven 180c
  • with electric whisk - whisk eggs and sugar for 10mins
  • fold in flours
  • gradually add 3 tbsp warm water and the butter
  • bake 30mins 
  • take out of tin using lining to lift
  • leave to cool in lining 
  • when cool cut into 16 squares
  • sieve icing sugar and cocoa into large saucepan 
  • add milk and butter and stir on low heat until smoot 
  • add splash more milk if too thick 
  • coat each square with icing and then coconut